Ricky Montaner chose an extreme way to show his love for Stefi Roitman

Love takes many forms and people have various methods of showing it. That was the case for Ricky Montanerwho expressed the love he has with his wife, Stefi Roitman, in a very extreme and permanent way.

The musician He tattooed a photo of his wife on his left forearm and made a video for his social networks where the audio could be heard “I love my wife so much that I tattooed her”where then, Ricky Montaner, showed his new inks. “I love you,” the model replied in the publication, along with several emojis of peaches, in reference to the new tattoo that her husband got.

They both have a constant back and forth on social networks where they post risque photos and comments, playing with the limits of the platform. this a little serves as a response to the accusations and divorce rumors that constantly fly over the newly married couple.

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