RIGHT NOW: The king cancels the visit – wants to protect Silvia

The king has chosen to cancel a planned visit – to protect Queen Silvia.

The King and Queen Silvia have had several county visits planned on their calendar. However, due to the contagion situation, they have on several occasions been forced to postpone the visits, so as not to expose themselves and others to unnecessary risks.

Now the court has been forced to make another tough decision. The county visit to Östersund, which was to take place on Monday, will not end.

– It is the county administrative board that develops the program and in consultation with the court, it was decided to cancel the visit due to the spread of infection in the region. Among other things, a visit to a hospital was planned, says the court’s press manager Margareta Thorgren to the newspaper Expressen.

The king cancels the visit to Östersund

The situation is again worrying in Region Jämtland Härjedalen, which has gone up to staff mode. King and Queen Silvia have both been vaccinated three times, but both still belong to the risk group as over-70s.

– The planned visit was canceled based on recommendations from the county administrative board, says Margareta.

For the king, it is probably extra difficult to cancel this particular visit, the last planned county visit. Jämtland is his duchy and thus has a special place in his heart.

“Right now there is a lot of uncertainty”

As our reporter Ellen Myrgård Lindén explains.

– The royal couple has really looked forward to an autumn full of royal visits where they get the chance to be out in Sweden and meet people. A change like this is therefore a real setback, for both. That it is also about Östersund, which is located in the king’s duchy of Jämtland, is extra unfortunate. That particular county visit was special and a highlight of the calendar. The royal couple have not been able to pay attention to Jämtland, as they usually do, during the pandemic and right now there is great uncertainty about when the people of Östersund will see their duke next, says Ellen.

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