Rings of Power: "Not the Middle-earth you remember"

During Amazon neither with the handbrake on nor with full throttle the marketing machinery around the upcoming Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power fired up and slowly the release on September 2nd jerks towards them, fans are unsure whether they want to jump on the train or prefer to get off.

In any case, the newly introduced characters, like the first real trailer, triggered clear ones skepticism out, probably also because the series seems to be different than fans had hoped and expected. Of course, many fans are still looking forward to it series and Sam’s actor from the original films could also agree with that.

Serious differences to the previous Lord of the Rings material

Not surprising is the one working on the series Concept artist John Howe also very enthusiastic. The main reason for this, however, is precisely the aspect that seems to bother some fans: the differences to the previous Lord of the Rings material. In an interview with Empire Howe insists that the upcoming series will be very different from the previous films and reveals why:

“This will not be the Middle-earth you remember. It is a world that is very much alive. The Elves are not hiding in Mirkwood or Rivendell. They are busy establishing kingdoms. Moria, the kingdom of Dwarfs, is not an abandoned mine, and the gray havens are not yet an abandoned city.”

“I loved having the opportunity to explore this unseen story. […] We are finally sailing the oceans of Middle-earth. Scary and enterprising, they are nearly colonizing the world. It was a lot of fun imagining them. It’s something that neither the Lord of the Rings nor The Hobbit movies have come close to.”

Should elves and dwarves go head-to-head in epic naval battles, then get Lord of the rings-Fans are definitely offered a spectacle for the eyes. After the first information about the content, a potential ship trip including cannons is more in the right direction Sauron: Finally, at the time of the series, the main villain forges the first, only true ring.

Source: Empire

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