River City Saga: Three Kingdoms unveils and dates in Japan

It is therefore on December 16 that River City Saga : Three Kingdoms will be available in Japan on Nintendo eShop on the Switch for 3,740 yen (30 euros). As a reminder, this is a temporary exclusivity since the game developed by APLUS Games will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam around the spring of 2022. A worldwide release is in the works, although we do not know if we can hope for simultaneous exits.

The video makes it possible to find the eternal delinquents propelled into the heart of the Three Kingdoms of China, a context that suits them very well since the fight remains at the center of concerns, with a lot of strong special attacks, some of which will consume one hit the entire gauge. Playable alone or in cooperation, the story mode will consist of six chapters starting as usual from the Rebellion of the Yellow Turbans.

You can also discover more action / platform oriented sequences as well as stops in towns and villages to eat with regional specialties or buy new techniques, not to mention the menu allowing you to develop your fighter statistics after each level of experience. won.

The trailer also unveils a bonus mode named San Goku Ei Yu Roku and playable up to four in co-op. Leaving aside the adventure dimension, this side-scrolling arcade mode focuses on pure action with simple controls and demands to take down enemies and the boss of 10 levels. This mode also comes with online leaderboards, exclusive playable characters (for a total of 12) and filters reminiscent of CRT screens.

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