River did not want to wait to shout champion in the League

The celebration of the river team when they received the Professional League Cup. Millionaire Party / Télam

Chronicle of an end more announced than a Rolling Stones recital in Argentina. Three dates before the end of the tournament he secured first place, the one he has in his pocket almost since the middle of a championship where he made a huge difference against all his rivals in the second leg of the tournament. What’s more, he won 11 of the last 12 games he played. Only Estudiantes could snatch two units from him. Last night he crushed Racing, which he beat 4-0, a result that he could and should have been much wider. He did not leave a single doubt that it was and is the best Argentine team.

Anyway, in the beginning the game was even. And it even had Racing as the protagonist and with an unbeatable chance to get 1-0. It was at 2 minutes, when Enzo Copetti gave away a ball that was destined for a goal.

Martínez committed with the pass inside to Paulo Díaz, the Chilean slept with the Racing striker but Armani saved one-on-one after a very poor definition.

It seemed that the Academy was not going to be a simple spectator of the Millionaire party. It seemed … because after that play everything was a riverplatense gale that, little by little, was passing overhead to a rival that with the passing of the minutes showed that it is in a terrible moment.

At 17 minutes Braian Romero warned, who saved the Chilean Arias. Alvarez won against the line, pursued by Moreno, the center came and the finish of the former defender, who covered the goalkeeper. . River began to attack from the left sector of a defense that made water.

At 24 minutes Julián Álvarez made the plateístas rise, after another center (huge kid Simón) from the right. The ball passed inches from Arias’s right post.

Around half an hour it was all from River, which was uneven in the middle and hurt every time it was decided to attack on the left of the Racing defense, where Prado, Alcaraz and Chancalay did not know what to do.

That is why it did not surprise anyone that at 31 minutes Agustín Palavecino scored the goal that made the Monumental explode. Pillud acted as a stopper and went away. It was then that Enzo Fernández rubbed the lamp and assisted Palavecino, who defined the pipe before the goalkeeper left. Goal and beginning of the end to a story that had been written for weeks, maybe months.

River did not stop in that first half. Such was the dominance in the midfield and on the wings that at 40 minutes Romero had the second header, but saved 1. A minute later the former defender missed another goal sung under the arc.

In the second half River left no doubts that he did not want to pass a single shock: after two minutes his best player, Julián Álvarez, scored the goal that defined the game, gave him the scoring quota he had in the previous dates and allowed him listen to another ovation from a Monumental that since then has not stopped singing to the rhythm of the orchestra led by Marcelo Gallardo.

It was a soccer tornado. He destroyed his rival in the middle of the court. It overwhelmed him physically, soccer and emotionally. He minimized it more and only the lack of aim did not make the win come sooner.

At 22 minutes Braian Romero had revenge. After wasting so many opportunities, he converted his goal, the one that sealed the win against Racing that begged that those 25 minutes that were missing from the game pass as quickly as possible. His tenth goal in 24 games came after a combination and his entry, without a mark, through the middle of the area. He defined a stick before the departure of Arias, who could do nothing to prevent it.

Ten minutes later he scored the fourth, this time after a masterful assist from Colombian Carrascal.

The final minutes, for Racing, were an eternity, they served for Gallardo to indulge himself in making changes. First he fired Leonardo Ponzio, who received a standing ovation. And then he made him play Jonathan Maidana for a while, a reference to the first battles. If he was in the bank, he would even have put Enzo Pérez.

River almost won the tournament from end to end, the venue (the 37th in its history) that they were asking so much of Marcelo Gallardo. The Doll cycle, which has already added 13 stars, it seems that it will not end at the end of the year. There are still some more chapters for the joy of the fans. Champion health, River health.

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