Road accidents: how many people die per day and how is the age distribution

Road accidents: how many people die per day and how is the age distribution

Traffic in Argentina continues to be marked by an extensive history of road accidents. In this case, they are motorcycles the ones that get the worst of it. Despite the pandemic period, even in 2020, these smaller-wheeled vehicles They were the ones that caused the most deaths. in the national territory: of the 10 daily fatalities due to road accidents, 4 correspond to motorcycle occupants.

Traffic accidents, in the group of the main causes of death in the country

As established by “Thinking Health”, a website dedicated to statistics and good health practices, traffic accidents are positioned within the top 5 causes of deaths in the country.

Car accidents are in 4th place among the events that cause the highest deaths nationwide. The list is composed:

  • First of all, from diseases of the heart and circulatory system.
  • Second, tumors and cancers.
  • Third, due to respiratory diseases.
  • Fourth, traffic accidents and violence.
  • Fifth, infections and parasites.

During 2022, according to the statistics produced by let’s fight for life, deaths from this cause were 6,184 deaths from this cause. The figure is far from that previously reported by the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), which reported 3,828 fatalities.

According to the data analysis of the accountant Melisa Murialdo, one of the reasons for the sub-registration of the official state agency is that it includes only the victims at the scene of the crime and the NGO includes, in addition to them, the deceased within 30 days of the accident. Therefore, according to the analyst, it is estimated that some 2,000 people did not die on the spot, although the association’s data is not official and has not yet been verified by the Federal Road Safety Council (CFSV).

Main causes of road accidents in Argentina.

Despite the fact that the records differ, both agree that the marked decrease in claims during 2020 due to the period of Isolation, Social, Preventive and Mandatory was 28%:

  • From 5,000 a year it went to 3,500 according to official sources.
  • From 6,600 to 4,900 according to a specialized NGO.

After the quarantine period, the numbers increased, although they do not reach the figures for 2019.

Causes of road accidents

He cell phone and the excess alcohol are the main causes of road accidents in the country.

The reasons that cause an accident are not only due to a bad maneuver or a simple fact of “bad luck”. There are many factors that must be taken into account and that converge when establishing the causes of a road accident.

In general, the causes are: human error (89.5%), followed by the medium (8.8%) and much further away, the condition of the vehicle (1.6%).

Fatal victims in road accidents.

Fatal victims in road accidents.

In this way, it is confirmed that in most cases “accidents” are the fault of the driver: either due to some negligent attitude, distraction or lack of skill itself.

In particular, the main cause of road accidents in Argentina is the use of cell phones.

Another factor that has a high degree of implication in traffic accidents is alcohol. According to the data provided, in one of every 4 road accidents there is the presence of alcohol, stipulated Road Safety of the Argentine Nation.

Other determining factors; It is the lack of security elements, be it lights, refractory vest and helmet. These are lacking of great regularity in national motorcyclists.

In 2022, the sale of motorcycles surpassed that of cars

Specifically linked to the motorcycle accidentsis added as an influencing factor: the increased circulation

According to the Chamber of Motorcycle Manufacturers (Cafam), 440,681 units were patented during 2022, which represents an increase of 12.1% year-on-year, while in the case of automobiles – according to the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara) – 407,532 new units were registered (which implies a year-on-year rise of 6.8%).

The drop in purchasing power, added to the greater possibilities of accessing a loan to buy motorcycles, made this type of vehicle the most chosen alternative when purchasing a vehicle to get around.

Profile of victims of road accidents in Argentina.

Profile of victims of road accidents in Argentina.

High circulation and theft

Linked to the greater circulation, are the motorcycle thefts. Motorcycle theft is relatively common in the country. This entails not only more illegal trade, but also that they are dismantled of all plastics and protections and are used anyway as means of transport. As a chain effect, the risks of the driver of the vehicle also increase when driving with a vehicle without any type of protection.

At once, you have to think of a recurring factor that is present throughout the country. “the motochorros“, not only put the life of the driver himself at risk but also third parties or pedestrians within towns and cities.

Last year, 10 people a day died from traffic accidents

As mentioned, according to official figures from the ANSV, in 2022 3,828 people died on the spot due to road accidents, despite the fact that the figures are preliminary and the report on the deceased 30 days after the event remains; it implies a 22% decrease in mortality compared to the period before the pandemic (2019).

75% of the cases were men under 35 years of age. Half of the accidents occur on the roads (52%), 20% on the streets and 14% on the avenues.

By way of breakdown, the types of users according to the route were:

  • 40%, motorcycle occupants.
  • 27% cars.
  • 10% pedestrians.
  • 8% trucks.
  • 4% cyclists.
  • 3% cargo carriers.

As can be seen, among the deceased there is a greater margin of motorcyclists: 40% of the fatalities correspond to people who use motorcycles.

More and more motorcycles circulating in the country.

More and more motorcycles circulating in the country.

Road accidents and motorcycles: impact in the different provinces

This is one big problem what affects all provincesalthough some are more affected than others, it continues to be a factor that gives rise to talk in each territory.

While 30% of total claims occur in the province of Buenos Aires; According to the latest data available, the provinces with the highest incidence of motorcycle accidents on the rest of the roads are:

  • Santiago del Estero (75%)
  • Chaco (73%)
  • Formosa and Tucumán (67%)
  • Saint John (58%)
  • La Rioja (56%)
  • Catamarca and Misiones (52%)
  • Currents (50%)
  • Salta (47%)
  • Jujuy and Entre Ríos (45%)

Prevention and protection measures

The measures promoted by the National State were several, the most recent involves the provinces adapting to the new Zero Alcohol at the Wheel Law. This measure has been around for a long time in territories where driving under the influence of alcohol was strictly prohibited.

Currently, the measure is already incorporated in provinces such as Chaco, Chubut, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego and Tucumán.

The fines will vary according to the infraction committed, but they may reach a value greater than $200,000 depending on the offense. At the same time, the economic fine may be accompanied by the retention of the license and the disqualification to drive.


  • Those who have up to 0.5 milligrams of alcohol in their blood will have three months of license disqualification;
  • when exceeding that margin and reaching 0.9 milligrams, the penalty will be 6 months;
  • Finally, anyone who has a score of 1.0 or higher will be penalized with a year and a half of card blocking.

Faced with these numbers, it is necessary to take into account the risk involved in driving a motorized vehicle, whatever type it may be. This is due to a combination of factors that increase the dangers of causing some type of accident or being the recipient of some type of shock. Either by avoiding a pothole, by the poor condition of the road or by a simple distraction. Therefore, all the requirements must be taken into account when driving on public roads.

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