Road safety: the rise in the number of deaths judged "very worrying"

In May, the number of deaths increased by 21% on the roads of France. The Interministerial Deputy Delegate for Road Safety reacts in the columns of Le Parisien.

In May, do what you please but be careful on the road: this may be the future road safety campaign after a 21% jump in the number of deaths recorded on the roads of France last month.

Figures deemed “very worrying” by the interministerial deputy delegate for road safety, David Julliard, in an interview with the Parisian. It is indeed 50 more than in May 2019: since the pandemic, we take this year as a reference, road traffic having necessarily reduced in 2020 and 2021.

Good weather and global relaxation

But why such a rise last month? Concretely, we do not know, since the detailed analysis is published a month after this first estimate. However, the road safety representative formulates a first hypothesis, the good weather which favors travel on the road, associated with an overall relaxation of behavior:

“When the weather is good, as was the case this month of May, the effect is negative on accident rates. Because there are also more users on the roads. I also believe that there is a form of degradation, relaxation of the behavior of all users.”

Mandatory belt and prohibited phone

A worrying progression with the approach of departures on vacation. Road safety thus intends to multiply prevention campaigns by insisting on gestures which may seem trivial but which remain very effective, such as wearing seat belts.

“Everyone knows that wearing a seatbelt is compulsory, but users forget it or do without it and the result is terrible: hundreds and hundreds of people killed. The same goes for the use of mobile phones, prohibited when driving a car, a motorized two-wheeler or a bicycle.

The black point of cycling mortality

In this review for the month of May, cycling mortality is particularly worrying, up 29% over one year. For David Julliard, “here again, it is linked to the relaxation of behavior, but not only of these fragile users”.

“You have to be careful when you are a fragile user yourself or when you ride with fragile users. Take the bike, the majority of fatal accidents occur in collisions with a car, a heavy goods vehicle or in the blind spot a bus. But still a third of cyclists killed on the road die from a fall, alone.”

As a reminder, you must respect a safety distance of one meter to overtake a cyclist in built-up areas and of one and a half meters outside built-up areas, with the possibility of overlapping a continuous line (as for overtaking a motorized personal transport device or a light moped).

Wearing a bicycle helmet is not compulsory in France for people over the age of 12, but it is still strongly recommended by road safety.

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