Road traffic overview

Crossing the street safely takes practice.

Under the guidance of the police, the first graders at the Rotkreuz primary school learned how to cross the street safely.

Lustenau There are many dangers lurking on the road, especially for small children. With the start of school, more students are on the road again. The executive therefore pays particular attention to the first graders and trains them to move safely in everyday traffic. What tips do students need to follow to get to the other side of the street safely? Roland Winder from the federal police and Simon Müller from the Lustenau security guard showed the pupils in grades 1a and 1b of the Rotkreuz primary school how to safely cross the busy Rotkreuzstrasse.

“Do you know how and where you get from one side of the street to the other?” Police officer Roland Winder begins his explanations in the elementary school playground. The children are still aware of many things from the time in kindergarten. The police officers were already there to visit and teach the children how to cross the street. “Even if they have the feeling that they can already do it, we point out the dangers again and give them tips on how to behave.”

In front of the zebra crossing at the elementary school, one child after the other forms a line and practices looking out for danger with the two police officers. “Look left, then right, and left again. If the cars stop and you have eye contact, you can cross the street quickly,” says Winder. Education for their students is important to class teachers Rebecca Schmidt (27) and Linda Wolf (26). The majority of their students come to school on foot. “Children should walk to school. You benefit from this on several levels. The exercise in the fresh air and the exchange with other students on the way to school make the children more independent and that is important for them,” explains Rebecca Schmidt, class teacher of 1a.

Great danger from parent taxis

Only when the children are aware of the dangers can they act carefully and find their way safely in daily traffic. “The children learn quickly and know what you can and can’t do,” says Simon Müller from the security guard. Parents’ taxis continue to pose a major hazard. “When parents take their children to school by car, very dangerous situations often arise,” says Müller. The aim should be for the children to be able to walk to school. “This reduces traffic around the school and prevents the children from being at risk,” adds Rebecca Schmidt. At the end of this interesting learning unit, each child was allowed to closely inspect the police car. Police officer Roland Winder had brought a small gift for the little ones from the school. With the sound of the police siren, he said goodbye to the children at the Red Cross. They have learned their part and are now ready to cross the street. Bvs

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