Road Trial: Cristina Kirchner’s defense plea began

The defense of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner began this Monday in the framework of the trial for the case known as “Roads”, which investigates the alleged direction of public works in Santa Cruz.

Yesterday on Twitter, the vice president invited to see the presentation of her lawyers, Carlos Beraldi and Ary Llernovoy. “Listen to how the scripted farce of the prosecutors (Diego) Lucinai and (Sergio) Mola is stripped,” she confided. And she added: “Will Clarín and La Nación transmit it?”

Cristina Kirchner faces a request for a sentence of 12 years in prison and lifelong disqualification from holding public office.

The argument of the defense of the vice president will be distributed in three days: today and tomorrow it will be the turn of her lawyers, while -it is expected- the former president will speak on Friday as her own representative.

Cristina spoke about the case on August 23 from her office in the Senate, after the Federal Oral Court 2 denied her to expand her investigative statement. Before her, she had denounced being in front of a “media-judicial firing squad” that had already decided to condemn her.

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