Robert Habeck: The Economics Minister can no longer hear these interview questions

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) was considered a communication talent. Now he is being criticized more and more often for this very reason.Image: IMAGO / Metodi Popov


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Navid Moshgbar

He’s been hailed for being transparent. For explaining a lot and regularly communicating his actions. But recently Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) was criticized for this. In terms of content, first because of the implementation of the gas levy, then because of the term of the three remaining nuclear power plants. Then he was criticized for his political communication: Most recently, in a television interview, he had tried to explain bankruptcies and business closures in a clumsy manner.

Robert Habeck answered questions from Funk journalists.

Robert Habeck answered questions from Funk journalists.Image: dpa / Kay Nietfeld

In an interview with Funk, the young format of ARD and ZDF, he answered questions about his work and his private life. Two radio journalists from the YouTube interview format “Cross-examination” presented him with them.

In this conversation, the Economics Minister also revealed what really annoys him about journalists at the moment.

Minister under cross-examination

In a quick question-and-answer session, Habeck first said that he only gets six hours of sleep on average. Except when there are coalition committees, then he doesn’t sleep at all.

What does he miss if he had to compare his time as a minister with the time before that? Habeck’s answer: anonymity. “It would be nice to walk through Berlin undetected.” Habeck should answer other questions in the fast lap with yes or no. The voting age from 16? – “Yes, as soon as possible.”

And the big issue of gender? Should gender-sensitive language be used in ministries?

Habeck on this:

“I think it will come naturally. That’s why we’ll have it as standard in five years.”

Habeck’s response amuses moderators

Radio moderator Jan Schipmann suddenly asked what interview question Habeck couldn’t hear anymore. Habeck’s eyes showed no emotion. He thought for a moment and then said: “All questions that have to do with political communication.” The answer made both moderators smile.

Exactly what the Economics Minister has been praised for for months – but recently had to take a lot of criticism again. “Instagram videos,” Habeck added.

For example, in his most recent Instagram video, he explains how the traffic light coalition wants to protect small and medium-sized companies. And he explains how the German gas storage facilities are being replenished despite the Russian supply freeze.

The Vice Chancellor regularly conducts his political communication on the platform and addresses the population and potential voters directly.

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