Roblox is suing YouTubers for false terrorist threats

The YouTuber has harassed members of Roblox several times and uploaded pictures of Adolf Hitler, among other things.

The game and social media platform Roblox sued a YouTube user for making false terrorist threats. He is said to have summoned a cyber mob, which caused the Roblox developer conference to be temporarily shut down in October.

He was previously banned from the platform for harassment and sexual content, according to the company. According to the indictment be he the “leader of a Cybermobs, who commits and encourages illegal acts with malice, fraud and suppression in order to injure Roblox and its users ”.

Racist and homophobic abuse

Roblox goes on to state in the indictment that the perpetrator uploaded, among other things, nude pictures of himself and pictures of Adolf Hitler. A sex game was also one of his content on the platform, which is largely used by children.

The defendant also harassed other members of the platform and uttered racist and homophobic abuse. After all, he also pretended to be a Roblox employee.

Access with wrong accounts

After he was banned from the platform, he also got fake Roblox accounts, which he also got 760,000 YouTube subscribers * inside should have advised as reported by Polygon.

However, the YouTuber caused the greatest damage in the course of the developer conference. Via the online service Discord should he start the shooting against his followers YouTube headquarters in San Bruno am 3. April 2018 have glorified and threatened an imitation at Roblox headquarters.

During the conference, he posted on Twitter that the police were looking for an “Islamic extremist” he had invented and that he had posted a video titled “Somebody Blow Up Roblox”. His followers apparently reported that they had poisoned the drinks at the conference.

Claims for damages

The conference had to be temporarily shut down while security forces and police searched the premises. The cost was $ 50,000. The company is now demanding compensation worth $ 1.65 million.

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