Roblox plaintiff plays

Roblox creator Roblox Corporation has gone to court to put an end to troublemaker Benjamin Robert Simon. The developer claims that Simon, also known as “Ruben Sim” on YouTube, spoils the gaming experience and that he encourages others to do the same.

According to the case documents (via Polygon) Simon has been banned from Roblox for a long time. He is said to have received the original exclusion for harassing other players, being racist and homophobic and for posting pictures of Hitler.

Still, he continues to play, either through hacking or using accounts created by other players. It writes Roblox’s lawyers.

The outbursts from Simon are said to have peaked in October, when he allegedly submitted threats against the Roblox Developers trade fair in San Francisco. Both he and other members of what the case papers refer to as a cyber gang are said to have discussed shootings and posted warnings to stay away from the mass on Twitter.

In the end, the fair had to be closed down so that police and private investigators could search the premises. According to Roblox, it cost the company almost half a million kroner to perform necessary security checks.

Roblox now accuses Simon of, among other things, breach of contract, fraud and targeted harassment of both players and employees. The company is asking for at least NOK 13 million in compensation.

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