Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner drops below €400 during Black Friday

[Deal du Jour] The Roborock brand offers efficient robot vacuum cleaners that are regularly on sale. The Roborock S7, one of its best models, falls under 390 € and becomes one of the robot vacuum cleaners with the best value for money.

What is the Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner promotion?

The Roborock S7 can often be found on promotion around €430 on various merchant sites. As part of Black Friday, it is priced at €389 on Cdiscount.

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What is this robot vacuum cleaner?

The Roborock S7 is a basic, but effective robot vacuum cleaner. It is able to vacuum dust, crumbs and pet hair on the floor and even remove dried dirt and encrusted stains, thanks to its sonic vibration mop. Its design is classic and resembles that of most robot vacuum cleaners. On its cover, you will find several buttons: an On/Off button, another for localized cleaning and a button for returning to the base. Be aware, however, that he is perfectly autonomous and that he will most often not need your help to return to his base.

If your interior is spacious, the Roborock may struggle to perform across the board. However, its zigzag navigation allows it to optimize its cleaning time. Unfortunately, its height of 10 cm does not allow it to slip under low furniture. It will then bypass its last and leave the dust and other dirt alone.

Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner // Source: Roborock
The Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner also exists in white // Source: Roborock

Is the Roborock S7 a good deal for Black Friday?

As part of Black Friday, it goes below €400, which is rather rare. So it’s an excellent deal. The Roborock S7 offers a Maximum mode that allows it to be effective on any type of ground. It is accompanied by its dedicated Roborock application. The latter gives you access to many parameters, such as the suction power or the washing mode. You will also have the possibility of mapping your house, or your apartment, with precision, in order to program a tailor-made cleaning.

A passage history is present via the application, to know if your companion has worked well. The Roborock is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner, but for that it takes its time. In addition, its autonomy is only 1h30 on average. For very large surfaces, it is preferable to favor a robot vacuum cleaner with better autonomy. Finally, know that the Google Assistant application allows you to control it by voice, thanks to Alexa.

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