Rocket League Update v2.15 Brings Voice Chat to All Platforms

Rocket League is getting an important update on all platforms. Version 2.15 brings voice chat support, enabled by default for all players, and cross-platform support. Voice chat is limited to group and team, of course you will not be able to chat with the opposing team.

voice chat

Some voice chat settings and features:

  • When Voice Chat is enabled, you will see a Voice Channel tab (with a little headset icon in your friends list). You can join, leave or switch Voice Channels in this tab.
  • When you are on a team, you will be placed on a Team Voice Channel.
  • When you join or form a group, you will be placed on a Group Voice Channel.
  • Voice chat settings can be found by going to Settings > Chat > ​​Voice Chat Settings. On this screen you can deselect the voice chat option, which is activated by default.
  • Push to Talk: The option to press a button to talk can also be configured. In this case, when checking the option you need to determine which key will be responsible for opening the microphone. To configure, go to Settings > Controls > View/Modify Keys > look for Voice Chat (Push to Talk).
  • Main Menu Notifications: Displays the names of players speaking while in the Main Menu.
  • Match notifications: displays the names of players speaking during a match.
  • Text chat notifications: displays notifications in text chat when players leave or join voice chat
  • You can adjust the volume of incoming voice chat in Settings > Audio > Voice Chat.

You can see more news in the official Patch Notes.

only on PC

On the PC you can choose the Input Device, that is, you can choose which microphone on your computer will be responsible for emitting the sound for the game. You can also choose the Output Device, that is, which device will receive the chat sound, it can be on the same headphone you use or switch to another device.

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