Rodolfo Hernández: I hope that this decision is beneficial for Colombia

Gustavo Petro He remained as president-elect of Colombia after the voting on June 19. After the elections, the now ex-candidate Rodolfo Hernandez He spoke through his social networks acknowledging his defeat.

“I accept the result as it should be if we want our institutions to be strong. I sincerely hope that this decision that has been taken is beneficial for all and that Colombia is heading towards the change that prevailed in the vote in the first round,” he said. Rodolfo Hernandez.

In the same statements, he spoke about the victory of Gustavo Petro in the second round of the presidential elections.

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“I wish Dr. Gustavo Petro that he knows how to lead the country, that he is faithful to his speech against corruption, that he does not disappoint those who trusted him,” he added. Hernandez.

The former candidate of League of Anti-Corruption Rulers He took the opportunity to thank those who voted for him. “Many thanks to the Colombians for accepting my proposal, even if it was a loser,” he said.

With 99.71% of the tables informed, Gustavo Petro was left with 50.49%, that is, 11,268,752 votes. For its part, Rodolfo Hernandez It was left with 10,547,000 votes, which is equivalent to 47.26%.

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