Rodrigo Cuba and his blunt position on the complaint of the ‘Activator’ for the permits to his daughter: “Third parties are left over”

HE WAS NOT QUIET! Rodrigo Cuba revealed that he expressed his “discomfort” to Melissa Paredes after the “Activator” complained on social networks because he did not sign the permission for his little daughter so that they can travel to Disney.

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In March, Anthony Aranda assured that he had invited Melissa and her daughter on a trip, but that in the end it could not be finalized. “Well, one of the things I like the most is traveling, I always travel. And yes, I have invited her, but unfortunately they did not give us permission. We wanted to go to Disney with the princess, but well, there will be a chance”, he said at the time.

About this, the ‘Gato’ Cuba indicated that he spoke with Melissa Paredes. The subject was discussed and obviously I expressed my discomfort to Melissa and I think it was clear that in the end we are the parents and anyone else”, he emphasized.

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‘Gato’ Cuba after complaint by the ‘Activator’ by permission of his daughter: “Third parties are left over”

The soccer player stressed that in a divided relationship, the issues of the children should only be touched by the mother and the father. “Third parties are plenty. And so it has to be in all situations where there is a father, a mother and a girl involved.”, he added.

However, he clarified that it does not bother him that his daughter spends time with the dancer. “I believe that as long as my daughter is calm and healthy, and does not represent a threat to her, and spends time with her mother, I have no problem”he stated.


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