Rodrigo fires Giuliana’s notary LIVE: “He went to my hotel in July with another girl who said she was his girlfriend”

Paul Pineda communicated LIVE this Tuesday with Amor y Fuego to defend himself and explain that he has been separated from his wife since May of this year, after the cameras of Magaly Tv La Firme supported him kissing with the singer Giuliana Rengifo, whom he assures who met last July.

Rodrigo González, faithful to his style, confronted him and revealed that in July he visited his hotel “Puerto Palmeras” in Tarapoto with another young woman, who claimed to be his partner. “You approached me and asked me for a photo, previously, this lady told me that she was your girlfriend and also asked me for a photo”, Willax’s driver said.

the notary acknowledged. For its part, the popular teddy bear He reminded her that at that moment he assured her that she was his girlfriend. “He told me I have come here because my girlfriend is your admirer and she has asked me to come to take a picture with you”narrowed down

At that moment Giuliana Rengifo, who was on the set of Amor y Fuego, reacted harshly and exclaimed that the notary is single. he indicated the cumbiambera.

For his part, Paul Pineda assured that when he went out with the other young woman, the singer was his friend and knew that he was with her in Tarapoto. He also explained that a month ago he separated from the lady in question. , he emphasized again.

Paul Pinedathe notary with whom she was protected Giuliana Rengifo through the cameras of Magaly Medina, he broke his silence for the cameras of Amor y Fuego and assured that he had been separated from Katerine, his still wife, since May of this year. “I love and respect my ex very much, we have a good relationship for my children”, he indicated.

He also noted that his wife still lives in the family home with their children and he in his apartment, but when she travels to Lima she stays with her children in their home. On the other hand, he affirmed that both his friends and his relatives are aware of their separation.

According to Paul Pineda, he met Giuliana Rengifo at a concert in July. “My son passed the word to me and we took her home with a dancer, I have several videos of the show”, indicated the notary for Amor y Fuego in a live link.

In this sense, he assured that the cumbiambera is not his partner, but a friend, despite the kiss they starred in.

On the other hand, he indicated that the only outing he had with Giuliana was due to an invitation from his manager when he was in Lima to celebrate the artist’s birthday.

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