Rodrigo Herrera on Colo Colo: “The best is yet to come”

In Colo Colo everything is honey on flakes. The second place in the standings of the National Championship and mainly the performance on the court has happy coaching staff, players, managers and fans. Situation that has been highlighted by the media in general that already projects them as candidates for the title.

El Cacique, has scored 15 goals in his last five games and in defense they have achieved solidity despite the modifications in the last line caused by the injuries of Matías Zaldivia and Jeyson Rojas, proving to have a highly competitive squad.

For this reason, the journalist Rodrigo Herrera, in the Redgol program in La Clave, did not hesitate to praise the work of the albos and the emergence of young soccer players that until a few months ago seemed not to exist.

“This Colo Colo is exciting for its present, but even more for its future. Beyond the crisis that has been going on – up to six months ago- Colo Colo has a very rich base and quarry, which is completely underwater, it was not given the opportunity“, he expressed.

To later add that “now from the hand of a coach who has a lot of merit, who knows how to give confidence to young people and who apart from that gave the team a performance. One of the things that people value most is the support given to young values

“The Colo Colo de Quinteros today is very different from that of Quinteros in the last Championship. He understood how that mutation and that difference should be. He understood how he had to work it physically. Deep down, Quinteros understood how to be in Colo Colo and what the team needed this minute “, he complemented.

In Colo Colo everything is happiness | Photo: Agency One

“What is happening with Colo Colo is that the best is yet to come … the best time is not even now. The best is yet to come.”, Hill.

For Rodrigo Herrera the work of Gustavo Quinteros has been fundamental | Photo: archive

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