Rodrigo Herrera’s message: "Mr. Lasarte, Leo Gil is Chilean"

Colo Colo is the exclusive leader of the National Championship and the main candidate for the title. The collective performance makes a difference over its rivals and the individualities appear when they are needed. One of the most emblematic figures of the campaign and who yesterday returned to convert, is Leonardo Gil.

For this reason, Rodrigo Herrera valued, in Redgol in La Clave, the importance of Martin Lasarte can consider it within the eligible players for the next date of the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, which will again have three games in a row. This time against Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela.

“It all adds up and we can’t gloat either. What Leonardo Gil offers as a mixed midfielder, with the arrival he has, with the ease he has to shoot from distance, with the difference he makes in the free throws and especially with the contribution from energy and will, because he is a guy who always goes forward “Herrera noted.

The journalist did not stop at that and emphatically sent a message to the La Roja strategist highlighting some of the qualities and the role that Colorado could contribute in the qualifying process.

“You have to tell him, Mr. Lasarte, Gil is Chilean. Call him. But the best thing is that he is Argentine too, because they have a different imprint and how he was formed in that football has characteristics that it is difficult for us to find here and that, without a doubt, would add to the triple date of October and, above all, when Vidal is not there. in that match with Peru, “he closed.

Leonardo Gil is an alternative in La Roja.

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