Rodriguez Larreta acknowledged "sparks"but stated: "Unity is unbreakable"

The race for 2023 and the composition of Together for Change causes strong internals in the opposition coalition, perhaps its main value after the defeat in 2019. However, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, assures that the unity of the front opponent is “unbreakable”.

“There is absolutely no risk in the Together for Change unit,” the mayor remarked, although he admitted “sparks and tensions” in JxC. “We have to recognize that it is a very broad space, very heterogeneous,” he added, in statements to the press, after announcing a plan to promote youth employment.

In the midst of the tension between ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’, the opposition leader stressed that “diversity is a value” and considered the exchange of opinions “healthy.” And he maintained: “We have to continue with the vocation to expand, continue adding people from different origins, with less experience in politics, with a newer, fresher look. I think that’s a good combination.”

One fact: Martín Lousteau was at the event, who a few days ago announced his candidacy for head of the Buenos Aires Government in 2023.

The irruption of Javier Milei and his approach to the hardliners of JxC intensified the differences in the coalition, which seeks to return to the Casa Rosada in 2023. Finally, the National Table decided to close the door to the entry of the libertarian deputy and resolved that any incorporation must be approved by all parties.

On the other hand, Rodríguez Larreta expressed his concern about the inmates in the Frente de Todos, but clarified that this is an issue that must be resolved by the national government.

“This telenovela is not our issue that they fight among themselves. We see with great concern that a country that has 6% inflation per month, that comes from years without generating work, those who are in the Government fight among themselves. It is an issue of theirs and we don’t get into an opinion,” he said.

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