Rojas stands out among the best rated U20 players in the world

There is no doubt that the white seedbed in this 2021 season has received the opportunity to shine with its own light in Gustavo Quinteros’ team, receiving the prominence of being an important piece in this rise of the Cacique who has him as winter champion of the National Championship .

Players like Vicente Pizarro, Daniel Gutiérrez, Bryan Soto and Joan Cruz have seen a lot of action this year, delivering a young alternative to coach Albo in defense, midfield and colocolino attack.

However, there is one player in this group who, due to his numbers, is standing out above the rest: Jeyson Rojas. The player, converted from a central defender to a winger, took over the Cacique’s right wing, accumulating 1193 minutes of play in 14 games played in the tournament.

These numbers do not go unnoticed by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), who in their weekly ranking of the Top 100 of the best valued U20 players in the world, they located the player born in the Cacique in 33rd place, being the ninth on the list in South America.

The ranking is led by the Spanish Pedri González of Barcelona and the English Mason Greenwood of Manchester United, where a scale of experience is made from the minutes played, matches and goals to order them.

Jeyson Rojas - Colo Colo 2021

Jeyson Rojas accumulates 1,193 minutes of play in 14 games played in the tournament. | Photo: UNO Agency.

In addition to the colocolino Rojas two Chileans are part of the list, since they also disrespect Daniel González de Santiago Wanderers and Joaquín Gutiérrez de Huachipato, two of the good U20 players from the local environment.

Great news for the career of the young player from Colo Colo, who after being changed position managed to stand out as a right-back for Gustavo Quintero’s team, to the point of being one of the team’s immovable starters.

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