Romance rumors with four different people – now he explains

Last week, the last episode of Kompani Lauritzen: Tropp 1 aired, and with that we got to see which of the 12 participants made it to the end and got the honor of wearing a beret.

In connection with the final, Marte Bratberg and Dennis Siva Lie were visited by Tropp 1 participants Julie Skjelvik (24) and Are Venås (22).

In the studio, the differences between the celebrity version and the new concept are discussed with young, unknown participants.

– He clicked on me

Marte Bratberg (33) was part of the first season of the TV 2 success, and says that she had problems discerning whether the ensign was a psychopath or whether he was funny.

– I sincerely hate him. Didn’t think he was funny at all, until towards the end of the show. So I was scared, laughs Bratberg.

She adds that she believes that the participants in the later seasons understood the humor better because they had seen him on TV before.

– I had problems taking him seriously. So I always ended up laughing, says Venås.

Here Dennis Siva Lie (28) jumps in, who was in season 2 of the celebrity version, and reveals that he got a lot of flack for his fits of laughter.

– He clicked on me – a lot, admits Siva Lie.

Lay in bed all day

When TV 2 was looking for participants for Kompani Lauritzen: Tropp 1, they were looking for unmotivated, young adults who lacked goals and meaning in life.

Venås says that the main reason why he decided to sign up for the program was that he felt that he was a bit stuck in life.

– I lived in Trondheim and did not find any “meaning in life”. I did nothing. Didn’t work, didn’t go to school. I just stayed there with friends and did nothing, admits the 22-year-old.

Venås says that he went to bed late, woke up late, and just lay in bed all day.

WASTED LIFE: Are Venås felt he was about to waste his life before he signed up for Tropp 1. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

WASTED LIFE: Are Venås felt he was about to waste his life before he signed up for Tropp 1. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

– I simply did nothing. Just sat and watched series, or something. Felt like I was wasting my life. It became a bit like that after I was in the Armed Forces. It went straight downhill, and I did nothing for about two years.

He says that right after the Armed Forces, he lived at home with his mother and father in Molde, when his friends started nagging him that he should move to Trondheim.

– Then I thought: “yes, now I just have to do something with my life”.

His plan was actually to go to school in Trondheim, but that didn’t happen.

– Then I felt that life was pretty crap, actually. So that’s why I signed up, and it has helped, he reveals.

– Now I have moved to Bergen and started taking up subjects. I want to become a lawyer and there is a very high average there. So I’m betting that I get the grades I need, so that I can move to Oslo next year and study law.

Siva Lie wonders if Venås feels that it is thanks to the Colonel that he got his life in order.

– Yes, I actually feel that. If I hadn’t been on Kompani, I’d probably still be lying in bed in Trondheim.

The presenters brag about Venås’s progress, and think Dag Otto Lauritzen, who in Kompani Lauritzen holds the role of Colonel, should be proud.

Stood in the middle of a breakup

For Skjelvik’s part, she was also in a difficult period, when she decided to join Squad 1.

– I was in the middle of a breakup when the application was posted. I also thought “ah, I’m really having a hard time now”, in addition to the fact that I don’t have maths on my diploma. I somehow haven’t progressed, I can’t study or take any jobs that have that requirement.

BREAKUP: Julie Skjelvik was in the middle of a breakup when she signed up for Tropp 1. Photo: TV 2

BREAKUP: Julie Skjelvik was in the middle of a breakup when she signed up for Tropp 1. Photo: TV 2

She says that at the time she was living at her sister’s house, and thought life was a bit rough.

– I started laughing when they called and wanted me for an initial interview. I thought it was absolutely sick. I never thought they would take me with them, so I was shaking when I spoke to them, says Skjelvik.

The stay only lasted three weeks, so Skjelvik does not feel that it is possible to be completely “fixed” in such a short time.

– But I feel a difference in my mood and self-confidence. This in turn results in better energy, so now I will take up mathematics in the spring and hopefully become a firefighter, she smiles.

Thought Venås was a spy

When they first came to Setnesmoen Camp, several of the participants thought Venås was very mysterious.

Several people thus concocted various theories that he was either a spy, or that he was actually part of the command in disguise.

– He didn’t talk as much as the rest of us, he just sat on the sofa and observed us. So I became completely paranoid, and thought he was a spy for the commander, Skjelvik can tell.

Venås just got this via fellow participant Magishan Umaguruparan (21). He found the whole thing rather amusing, and decided to play on the rumor that had arisen.

SQUAD 1: These are all the participants in the reality hit Kompani Lauritzen: Squad 1. Photo: TV 2

SQUAD 1: These are all the participants in the reality hit Kompani Lauritzen: Squad 1. Photo: TV 2

– So when the whole gang sat on the sofa and talked together, I took a small notepad with me. To the others, it looked like I was observing them and writing down notes about how they behaved, but really I just sat and scribbled lines, reveals Venås.

The real reason why he was so quiet and mysterious is because the 22-year-old has had a hard time opening up to others all his life. This applies to both family and friends, he can tell.

– There is no particular reason for that, I just have never talked about my feelings to anyone. Therefore, it was very unusual for me when I entered there. Everyone else was very open and talked about their lives like it was nothing, while I had no need to share so much.

Romance rumors with four different

The common denominator for all reality concepts is that things can easily be taken out of context, as long sessions must be cut down to a few minutes. As a result, the audience can often end up misinterpreting the participants’ behavior as an ongoing romance, which has happened up to several times in the past.

Thursday published Dagbladet a case about romance rumors between Skjelvik and Venås. When asked if there has actually been a romance, the presenters get this answer:

– I have romance rumors with four out of six participants in there, laughs Venås.

He explains that he was very keen to show care towards all the participants in there, and to comfort those who needed it. Venås thinks that it is precisely this that has caused several romance rumors to arise about him.

– I am very charmed by boys who take care of me and are caring, so I am very captivated then, admits Skjelvik.

– It was no secret either. The commander knew it, the cameramen knew it, the production knew it, everyone knew it. So I actually think it’s a bit sick that they’ve managed to cut so much of it away.

When asked if the fact that Venås struggles to open up about his own emotional life affects his answer when asked if there is a romance between the two Tropp 1 participants, Venås replies that he has no problems in that area.

– No, such things are not difficult. I have no problem admitting that I like someone, it’s more when I have to talk about my problems. If I liked Julie, I would have told her. On the love front, I’m “good”, says Venås.

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