Rosángela ‘chotea’ to EEG and does not want to record La Academia: “I’m already eliminated and they don’t pay me anything”

In the last hours, Rosángela Espinoza She has received the support of all her followers by having been eliminated from Esto es Guerra, by the decision of her own teammates. The ‘selfie girl’ would not have left in the best terms of reality and today lashes out.

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Through her Instagram account, Rosángela revealed that the production of Esto es Guerra asked her, after being eliminated, to stay to record her last chapters in ‘La Academia’, a series that recently premiered the youth reality show.

The model’s response would have surprised the entire team, as the controversial reality girl refused to stay for her latest recordings. As he said, because they have already eliminated it and also they will not pay him for that.

“Yesterday they wanted me to stay to record the sequence that I was playing. Sorry, I’m already eliminated. But if you pay me for my work I record that missing sequence and I stay. For that they do not pay anything extra to anyone, in short, I did not stay “, he sentenced.

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Blanca López, mother of the popular Rosángela Espinoza, harshly questioned Esto es Guerra for having eliminated her daughter. In addition, he attacked Elías Montalvo, who was a close friend of the ‘selfie girl’, for not having saved her.

“It was four years and I was not always going to continue as a warrior. Thank God you got out of that mess, a favor they did you “, lashed out with the reality show.

“Now that Elías pays the silver of the prize that he kept the 10 thousand soles or shared it with Peter. You don’t know how calm I feel, but they’re going to have scoops haha”, she said in reference to the TikTok competition her daughter won with Elías earlier.


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