Rosario: a retiree is found murdered with 28 stab wounds in his home

They find a retiree murdered with 28 stab wounds in his home in Rosario

According to information from police sources, the man was found dead with at least 28 stab wounds in his home, in the neighborhood five cornersfrom the city of rosary beads .

It was his neighbors who reported the disappearance of the victim, still unidentified between 70 and 75 years old, alerted by his absence in recent days.

The police detected the presence of blood on the latch of a gate that led to a patio and, a few meters later, they found the lifeless body of the victim with abundant blood around him.

The first information indicated that the body had at least 28 stab wounds that caused death.

In addition, along with the body, the investigators seized two bloody kitchen knives that they suspect could be the murder weapons.

The prosecutor of Intentional Homicides of Rosario, Gastó Ávila, requested the survey of the public and private security cameras in the area to investigate how it was homicide.

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