Rot-Weiss Essen: Prussia Münster: fan representative etches against Rot-Weiss Essen – and has to go

Just a few days before the long-distance duel for promotion to the third division, Preußen Münster parted ways with a fan representative.

Shortly before the promotion finals next Saturday, a fan representative from SC Preußen Münster resigned. As the club reported on Tuesday afternoon, this preempted an inevitable decision by the club. The 51-year-old man commented on social networks and took the firecracker throw at Rot-Weiss Essen, which seriously injured three people, as an opportunity for a comment that was not responsible, as the club writes.

“The statements made cannot be excused and contradict the values ​​that SC Preußen Münster and its fans stand for,” the Münster team quoted Managing Director Bernhard Niewöhner as saying in the press release.

Prussia Münster: Post on social media causes trouble

In the post on social media that RevierSport has, he alluded to the firecracker throw from the canceled game between RWE and Münster and suggested a repetition, but “only if necessary and no Essen idiot should be found.”

As the regional league second also reports, this case will now be used to realign fan support. So far, two volunteers have taken care of fans and another one of people with disabilities. From now on, there should be fan support “which does justice to the special importance of fan concerns relating to the sports club and which should enjoy the greatest possible acceptance among organized and non-organized supporters.”

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