Royal expert sees Prince Charles as the greatest threat to the British monarchy

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Prince Charles could endanger the continued existence of the monarchy more than Prince Andrew or Prince Harry, says royal expert Libby Purves (photomontage).
Prince Charles endangers the continued existence of the monarchy far more than Prince Andrew or Prince Harry, says royal expert Libby Purves (photomontage). © Cover Images/Imago & i Images/Imago

Not Prince Harry and not Prince Andrew are a threat to the continued existence of the monarchy, but Prince Charles. Royal expert Libby Purves comes to this surprising conclusion. In The Times, she explains why the heir to the throne is most likely to damage the crown.

London – of all places Prince Charles (73) Royal expert Libby Purves (72) sees a “perhaps bigger problem” for the continuation of the monarchy. More conspicuous candidates would actually be Prince Andrew (62), who caused great concern with the abuse scandal that ended in a comparison, or Prince Harry (37), who has brought the royal family into disrepute with his memoirs and interviews. But in The Times, Purves backs up her statement with surprising arguments.

“Inappropriate”: The new generation is skeptical about Prince Charles’ interventions

The heir to the throne’s failure to understand how inappropriate his charities and interventions can seem to a new generation is putting the future in jeopardy, says the British radio presenter. Libby reports in “The Times” that only 61 percent of the polls are in favor, especially young Britons could apparently do without the monarchy. The financial scandal that brought the son of Queen Elizabeth II (96) into the headlines is viewed extremely critically.

But the 73-year-old age of the Queen’s firstborn poses a problem for many. Apparently, people do not trust him to understand today’s society. The wish repeatedly surfaced that Prince Charles should renounce his place in the line of succession so that the scepter could pass directly to his son Prince William (40) could be presented.

Queen Elizabeth II is indomitable but not immortal and well aware of it

The monarch would have done everything to carefully pave the way for her successor, Purves now writes in The Times. She reduced her travel and had Prince Charles open Parliament, symbolically only the crown was placed on the throne to show that Queen Elizabeth II is still in office. It is also her express wish to see Camilla as the king’s wife at her son’s sidewhen she can no longer manage the royal business herself.

According to royal connoisseur Purves, neither Prince Harry’s attacks nor disgraced Prince Andrew have the potential to pose a major threat to the royal family’s standing. Her dramas were becoming less and less important, she estimates. But she sees the permanent heir to the throne with different eyes: “If there are any real difficulties in the dynasty, then they are with the heir, Prince Charles.” Sources used: Instagram #clarencehouse,

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