RTLZWEI shows the last episodes with deceased Gudrun

At the end of June 2022, Gudrun, another contributor to “Hartz and cordially – day by day Benz barracks”, died. Even though she has been living with her husband Michael in a disabled-friendly apartment in downtown Mannheim for some time, the couple was an integral part of the RTLZWEI social documentary. Petra, who had a particularly close relationship with the two, wants to make them happy. Armed with her children and painting supplies, she arrives to renovate their living room. Years of smoking have left marks on the walls and ceiling.

Because the current episode was shot at the end of February, Gudrun and Michael can still be seen. As the broadcaster announced, the current episodes with those in March 2023 are their last. Beginning next year, a belly band will draw attention to her death.

Elvis, one of the most popular Mannheimers with his own web series “Einfach Elvis”, is unusually serious. He is also going through a difficult time: four months ago his little sister had a serious traffic accident. In front of the cameras, he tells that one thing after the other has happened since last year. “Barely time to digest one thing, the next is coming.” His sister’s accident, Dagmar’s death, the 49-year-old doesn’t take it lightly. “I almost curl up in the bedroom more and I’m more to myself than anything else,” he admits. “Even if I sometimes do nonsense and laugh, but deep down I don’t feel like laughing at all.” In addition, his health is not good either, the family man is suffering greatly from the consequences of his corona infection. Even the stairs in the house would exhaust him.

New episodes of “Hartz und Herzen” run on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI. Subsequently, the consequences can also RTL+ be streamed.

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