Ruben Rimoldi: "We are achieving the pacification requested by Governor Perotti"

The Minister of Security of the province, Rubén Rimoldivisited the studios of Chain OH! and spoke about the new working modality of the Rosario police to combat drug crime.

From a more intensive work that, beyond the ordinary service, includes a control from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. in different conflictive neighborhoods of the city, has already yielded very positive results.

“Thanks to the police work and this new modality that is being implemented, which is a great effort that is being made at the moment, we are seeing the results. Through this time, during 90 days, more than 700 raids were mademore than 280 weapons were seized, and there are 86 people detained for illegal possession or having links to these weapons,” he explained.

It’s about the “pacification requested by Governor Omar Perotti, that we are carrying it out together with the entire ministry. It is a job in which there are surcharges, the police personnel are making an extensive effort and we need it. But it’s the only way.”

In this sense, Rimoldi stressed the importance of the relationship of the area he heads with the Public Prosecution and Justice Ministrysince without coordinated work the efforts made are lost.

“The detainees, for example, is a job that was taken over by the justice system, by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We have to adjust to our laws, to the code of criminal procedures, which is often not what the neighbor expects.”

Lastly, for the last month of the year, the analyzes are carried out on a daily basis, with permanent meetings between the police, different officials and the judiciary. “We do a daily and weekly evaluation. We know that these conflicts can be generated from one day to the next.”

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