Rumor About Grand Theft Auto 6: Will Vice City Return?

Not just since its official unveiling at the beginning of February this year grand theft auto 6 regular guest in our rumor mill and attracts attention with alleged leaks and hot rumours. From the official side, however, there is radio silence, it is not for nothing that we have the next offshoot of rock stars Successful franchise sorely missed in the non-E3.

But there is at least one for that new rumor appeared: Matheusvictorbr is again responsible, who has already started the rumor about a picture of GTA 6 in the new edition GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This time it’s about the alleged protagonists of GTA 6 (buy now €19.99) as well as a possible location of the game.

New alleged leak to GTA 6: What’s behind it?

Rockstar fan and self proclaimed Insider Matheusvictorbr spoke exclusively to the News outlet Xfire and revealed what fans are said to be expecting from GTA 6. Accordingly, the protagonists of the next offshoot should be a pair of twinsconsisting of a man and a woman, act.

The two will after death of her parents separated by the cartel in 2003 and then meet again as adults around 20 years later, but then they are on different sides. The fateful death of the parents and the separation of the twins is set to take place in a prologue set in Brazil could play.

While the man is about to end up with the DOA, a digital parody of the anti-drug agency known as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), his sister is supposed to seek revenge on the cartel in a different way and becomes the target of her brother’s investigations. According to Matheusvictorbr, the meeting of the two should take place in several locations.

Apart from Carcer City, Cuba and Colombia, he also spoke of the modeled after Miami vice city, which Rockstar fans already know from the GTA offshoot of the same name. At the various locations, players should also be able to destroy some buildings, for which they are said to be more advanced weapon technology of the game offer.

Last but not least, the insider claimed that Rockstar is currently planning GTA 6 2024 to publish. In doing so, he agrees with the rumor from French leaker Chris Klippel, who tweeted in March that he didn’t believe in one release before the end of 2024. Whether Matheusvictorbr is based on the date of the known leak or really knows more is of course still in the stars, just like the truthfulness of his other statements. In any case, he did not reveal a source.

Source: Matheusvictorbr on Twitter / Xfire

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