rumor mill: "leaked" to GTA 6 & Duke Nukem Forever

Also this week we take a look at the latest news, speculation and alleged leaks from the gaming industry in our rumor mill. Last week the focus was on the next Forza Motorsport and a leak of Skull & Bones. This week, however, Rockstar and the well-known Duke present themselves in the spotlight. There’s a little taste of that in this article rumor mill videowhere you can see even more news.

New information about GTA 6?

Supposedly the release pipeline was from 2K Games leaked on Twitter. Next GTA 6which according to the “Leak” should come onto the market in 2024, are also dates for Mafia, Red Dead: Gunslinger and one Max Payne Trilogy called. However, this leak is most likely a duck or a fake. Much of the listed pipeline information does not match previous announcements; in addition, significant titles such as Bioshockthat have already been confirmed.

The crowning glory of this supposed leak was a Reddit user who, according to his own statement, plugged together a similar pipeline within 15 minutes. In other words, it’s very easy to fake and publish a document like the one in the alleged leak.

Rumor mill: Mafia 4 seems to be in development

What is Project Belfry?

Project Belfry is said to be in development at Stoic Studios. This is supposedly a commissioned work by Microsoft, which is supposed to be a 2D action-adventure in the end. The game’s art style is also said to be inspired by the Japanese Studio Ghibli, specifically films like Princess Mononoke. This rumor from last year has now been corroborated by a job advertisement at Stoic, which is deliberately looking for personnel with action-adventure experience.

MMO experience is also listed as a preference. Interesting in that MMO elements should also be part of Project Belfry. None of the rumors have yet been confirmed by Microsoft.

Duke Nukem’s return to 2001

Duke Nukem: Forever existed in the form of a variety of prototypes and near-complete versions prior to its release in 2011. One of these almost finished versions has now ended up in the hands of a modder group on 4chan. Due to the anonymity that prevails on platforms like 4chan, the leak is difficult to verify. But the footage of the nearly finished game shown so far is consistent with what was shown at Duke Nukem Forever’s E3 2001. You can find more interesting news from the industry in our rumor mill video.

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