Rumor mill: Silent Hill & Shepard’s return in ME5 leaked?

After we gave you hot news about Duke Nukem Forever and alleged leaks in our rumor mill last week grand theft auto 6 served, it’s going to be intergalactic and spooky this week. Several rumors about upcoming Silent Hill games have surfaced, both for a remake and a completely new title.

It is also rumored that Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 5 actually celebrating his return. A glimpse of the weekly rumor mill this article grants, the full load of gossip from the industry can be found in the video as always!

Silent Hill: Finally Returning From The Dead?

rumors all around new Silent Hill games are now almost as old as the series itself and even if it looked really bad for new fodder from the horror universe for a while, there is now new hope for fans of cultivated horror. The Twitter user AestheticGamer1 posted some pictures last weekend (via resetera) and information about an alleged leak.

Rumor mill: New Silent Hill leaked!

Although the source of the leak is still very new, according to the Twitter user, it seems quite credible. The fact that AestheticGamer1 had to delete the images he had shared on Twitter a short time later due to a copyright strike in order to avoid a permanent ban on his account also contributes to the credibility of the leak.

But it’s not just rumors about a new Silent Hill that persist on the internet, a remake is also said to be in the works. Last year, news circulated that Konami was working with the development studio Bloober Team, known among other things for their horror game The Medium. The studio’s CEO, in turn, let it be known that they were working with a major publisher on a well-known horror IP.

Of course, many hope that they mean Silent Hill and there after the alliance with konami also one with Sony followed, the confidence of the fans increases. The fact that this could not be a new offshoot, but a remake, is indicated by the rumor from February 2021 that Konami is having external developers work on two reboots of the series – one of the studios is said to be in Japan, so the other could be definitely be about Bloober Team.

Mass Effect 5: A galactic reunion with Commander Shepard?

It has been known for a long time that BioWare is working at full speed on a new Mass Effect. After the successful trilogy and the much less successful one Mass Effect Andromedathe upcoming space excursion will already be the fifth part of the series and many fans are already looking forward to diving back into the Mass Effect universe.

BioWare is still holding back with information about the story and the characters of the new offshoot, but the YouTuber “MrHulthen” has now discovered an extremely interesting clue that actually points to the return of the well-loved Commander Shepard. On the product page of a lithograph in the official BioWare shop, he found a description that made him suspicious.

There it says that Shepard together with the survivors of the Reaper menace puts the shambles together again, which of course points to the Commander’s return. The passage has since been adjusted, which should fuel the rumor further, but BioWare Project Director Michael Gamble pointed out that the writer of the text had no information about Mass Effect 5 and thus had to pull a suitable description out of his fingers.

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