Rumor: Playstation 5 with removable disc reader will be launched next year

Ever since the first Playstation was launched in 1994, Sony has upgraded the console after about half a generation. Usually just by making it smaller with the often so-called Slim devices, but last generation by making it bigger and more powerful with the Playstation 4 Pro.

Most probably assumed that Sony would do something similar this generation with the Playstation 5, and journalist and insider Tom Henderson agrees. One of the first scoops on his newly launched website Insider Gaming reveals that Sony is currently preparing a new version of the Playstation 5 with a removable disc drive. It would use regular USB-C and would allow playing disc-based games even on the all-digital versions of the Playstation 5.

Henderson claims that this device will launch in the fall of 2023, and that it will look quite similar compared to the Playstation 5 device we are used to. It should be noted that Sony has continuously redesigned its latest console with newer iterations that offer things like cooling and lighter weight. However, this would be the first visible change.

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