Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg: Märker comes slowly, but then powerfully

The affair about the dismissed RBB director Patricia Schlesinger can be dated back to 2018, when she opened her private “salon”. The educational work will show whether and what the supervisory bodies knew about it. In any case, the board of directors of the RBB already shows the level of supervision to which the members wanted to rise.

The Berlin Senate Chancellery and the Brandenburg State Chancellery mutually supervise the ARD institution. They have agreed to “share the participation in the meetings of the RBB board of directors according to possibilities”, as can be seen from a response from Media State Secretary Benjamin Grimm to AfD MP Dennis Hohloch in the Brandenburg state parliament.

A total of 32 meetings of the Board of Directors took place between the beginning of 2018 and the end of August 2022. Of these, 25 were taken care of alternately by the Senate and State Chancellery, as can be seen from a comparison of Grimm’s letter with information from the RBB committee office.

Berlin’s representatives were significantly more interested, they had 19 participations, Brandenburg’s representatives only six between 2018 and 2021. But since politics in the Mark recognized the RBB as a “marshland” and started to drain it, the presence of the Märker in the body swollen. What remains remarkable, however, is that the Brandenburg State Chancellery appeared on the supervisory board just twice in the years 2018 to 2021. Either you relied on the Berlin expertise or the interest was just low.

Brandenburg has now woken up and has clearly taken the lead in the enlightenment movement. The same applies to the RBB: The Märker comes slowly – but then powerfully.

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