Russia boycotts the 2023 Oscars

As a result of Russia’s senseless aggression against neighboring Ukraine, much of the world has agreed on heavy sanctions against Russia, crippling the country’s economy in various ways and punishing its leaders. There are also other sanctions, such as Russia being removed from Eurovision, being banned from the football World Cup this year and now most recently also the football European Championship in 2024.

This has made Russia want to react in a corresponding way, and which Entertainment Weekly can report, the country has now decided to boycott the 2023 Oscars in the International Feature Film category. While it’s sad to see culture affected by a dictator’s senseless war, we doubt it will make much of a difference to most Oscars fans, as the last time Russia won the category was in 1994 with Burnt by the Sun .

Russian filmmakers have reportedly protested the decision, but we doubt it will be overturned. Will you watch the gala even though Russia is not participating, or does this take away all interest for you?

Unbelievable killing blow for the entire Oscars gala, it stands and falls with Russian rolls. Or?

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