Russia is apparently two weeks behind schedule in the Donbass

According to its director, Avril Haines, the US secret services assume that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to a long conflict prepared. Even a Russian victory in the Donbass might not mean the end of the war, she told MPs. Putin is betting that the West’s resolve will wane over time.

According to US estimates, Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to do this in the war of aggression against Ukraine martial law impose. Haines said Tuesday at a congressional hearing in Washington that because Putin’s goals outweigh the capabilities of Russia’s armed forces, it’s “likely” that the president will have an increasing number of attacks in the coming months “unpredictable and potentially escalating” path hit.

“The current trend increases the likelihood that President Putin will turn to more drastic measures, including imposing martial law, reorienting industrial production, or potentially escalating military options,” the US intelligence director said before the US Senate Armed Services Committee. The use of nuclear weapons is unlikely. Putin should only order it if he sees an “existential threat” to Russia.

Haines now said that Putin is preparing for a “protracted conflict in Ukraine, in which he still wants to achieve goals beyond Donbass”. The Russian President is determined a land link to the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria in eastern Moldova to accomplish.

Putin also expects Russia to have more staying power than the West and Ukraine, said Haines, which coordinates the work of the 18 US intelligence agencies. “Putin most likely reckons that Russia has a greater ability and will than its opponents to weather challenges. And he’s likely counting on US and EU resolve to falter as food shortages, inflation and energy prices worsen.” (Reuters/AFP)

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