Russian journalist auctioned his Nobel medal to help Ukraine

Dmitry Muratov, chief editor of the russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, auctioned his medal of the Nobel Peace Prize at 103.5 million dollars for the benefit of the displaced children for the war in Ukraine.

Proceeds from the sale of the medal, which was purchased by telephone by an unidentified bidder, will be remitted to the UNICEF agency humanitarian aid to displaced Ukrainian children, according to Heritage Auctions, which held the auction.

“Today the most important message is that people understand that there is a war and that we have to help those who suffer the most, specifically the children of refugee families,” said the journalist.

Since 2000, six journalists and collaborators of Novaya Gazeta were killed in connection with their work, including the investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya. Muratov dedicated his Nobel to her memory.

“This newspaper is dangerous for people’s lives,” Muratov told AFP last year. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Who is Muratov, winner of the Nobel Prize?

Muratov won the award in 2021 together with journalist Maria Ressa, from the Philippines.

Muratov won the award in 2021 together with journalist Maria Ressa, from the Philippines. The Nobel Committee awarded them for “their efforts to safeguard the freedom of expression”.

It is important to note that Muratov was one of the founding journalists of Novaya Gazeta in 1993 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This year became the only one who continued to criticize President Vladimir Putin for the tactics he employs inside and outside Russia.

In March, more than a month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Novaya Gazeta suspended operations in Russia after it passed laws imposing jail terms on critics of the Kremlin’s military campaign.

Weeks ago, Muratov pointed out that the idea of auction the medal came up after seeing the images of the thousands of women and children who have had to leave the country fleeing the Russian fire.

The journalist warned that it is difficult to see the minors who “wounded and sick” have to leave your life behind without even understanding the causes of the war that marks them today, also requiring urgent treatment, even more so, understanding that the current situation means that this cannot be as easy or possible.

How old is the Russian journalist who won the Nobel Prize?

Originally from Samara, Russia.

The Russian journalist was born on October 29, 1961. They are currently 60 years old. Originally from Samara, Russia

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