Russian model removes LoL’s Evelynn K/DA from the screen

The beloved online multiplayer League of Legendshas some of the most elaborate and interesting characters in the world of video games, and that is precisely the reason why cosplayers are inspired by them to get many of them off the screen, making our hobby a great moment and delight our pupils with the result.

She is Nataliebetter known on networks like Narga, a beautiful model, cosplayer, artist and streamer of Russian origin, who you can find on her official Instagram as @narga_lifestream, where she has more than 166 thousand followers and a lot of great cosplay versions, which They could conquer you, because the girl is an expert on the subject.

This popular cosplayer has given us her best cosplay version of the talented champion in League of Legends, it’s about Evelynnpart of the group K/DA, a project that was successful even outside of the online game, and now, Natalia has captivated us, as she has managed to perfectly project the intense personality of Evelynn, someone who simply cannot go unnoticed wherever she is .

Wearing a charming vinyl bralette, along with a seductive shapely and short skirt, both in a deep and shiny black tone, a harnees that reaches her neck and some dangerous sharp claws, as well as a jacket full of sequins and glitter in shades of purple , as well as seductive black stockings and almost knee-high boots, the girl reflects the mysterious attractiveness of her character.

All this, without forgetting her emblematic platinum, long and straight hair, which reaches the lower part of her back and she wears it with the peculiar and distinctive hairstyle of two buns at the top, one on each side.

We hope that this great cosplay job has been to your liking, if so, please let us know through our social networks with your comments, and please continue in eGames News.

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