Russians google how to ‘break an arm’ to avoid military mobilization

The announcement of a partial military mobilization by Vladimir Putin on September 21 led to panic searches among the Russians to avoid ending up on the front in Ukraine. Fractured limbs or fleeing the country are among the most popular options.

Vladimir Putin announced, in a speech delivered on September 21, that Russia was at war against the West and that therefore a military mobilization of the population was necessary. Seven months after launching the full invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army is said to have lost more than 80,000 soldiersaccording to the Pentagon and nearly 4,000 armored vehicles.

And if the population prefers to remain silent on the subject, it understands that the situation is starting to become desperate. The announcement of a mobilization of 300,000 people with military training pushed many Russians to find a way to escape the call of their autocrat. Thus, on Google Trends, we observe that the phrases ” How to break an arm ” and ” Leaving Russia have both experienced an explosion in searches since the evening of September 20, with a dip during the speech and a strong recovery afterwards.

“How to leave Russia” (in blue) and “How to break your arm” (in red) have seen a large increase in evening searches on Google since the evening of September 20. // Source: Numerama

2,700 euros one way to Istanbul

Being unfit to take a weapon indeed prevents being requisitioned by the Kremlin. As for leaving Russia, it is perhaps better to break your hand than to buy a ticket, considering the prices. Most of the flights have already been booked since yesterday, on the classic platforms, no more planes are available and on a popular Russian booking site, we came across a single place between Moscow and Istanbul – one of the only countries close to accepting people without a visa yet – at around 2,700 euros each way. Note that the GDP per capita of Russia is lower than that of Romania.

If so many Russians are thinking of leaving the country or dislocating their elbow, it is because forced mobilizations will probably take place, including among people without military experience. On Telegram, a medical student from Moscow shared a photo of a document named “ mobilization order that was provided to him in August after his mandatory stint at a military service office.

Russian mobilization order
A compulsory mobilization order distributed in August in Russia. // Source: Numerama

According to him, he will be forcibly engaged if martial law is introduced. However, the Russian parliament, which is only a branch of the Kremlin, passed a new law in the evening providing that ” persons called upon to undergo military training from the reserve will be criminally liable in the event of non-appearance or unauthorized abandonment of service, in the same way as military personnel under contract. »

Between January and March 2022, 3.8 million Russians left the country, among them many graduates as well as higher socio-professional categories. Many worked in the tech industry. The Russian economy is already suffering from Western sanctions – GDP has fallen by 4% over one year – and the announcement of a mobilization will not improve economic forecasts.

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Source: Ahmed Adly/Gerart/Pixabay

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