Ruter crisis meeting on Thursday

Stave says to Avisa Oslo that the city council wants to emphasize how serious the public transport situation is in Oslo and Viken.

Ruter is struggling financially, and the government has so far not wanted to guarantee any compensation to the public transport company beyond 1 January, which Stav is critical of.

– It is a special situation, and we will bring out all the details and facts in this case. There is some confusion about what the reality is here, and what effects it will have. It will be very important for us to point out that this could create a negative, downward spiral, she says.

Routes will have a meeting on 17 December where they will decide on any route cuts. Stav believes the state has a responsibility to maintain public transport in Oslo.

– We need a transition period. The last month was envisioned as an observation period for Ruter, to see what will be the new normal. They have said that they need six months, but now believe that they need a year, says the city councilor.

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