Sad discovery after Prince Julian’s baptism – after strange decision

Prince Julian's cap

The royal family made a sad discovery after Prince Julian’s baptism.

Prince Julian’s baptism became a moment of celebration for all who have a special place in their hearts for the Swedish royal family.

The newest prince was officially welcomed to the world, and journalists from different parts of the world were on hand to cover the event.

Prince Julian’s baptism – the viewing figures are here

Our editor-in-chief Johan T Lindwall summed up the greatness of the moment in a column.

“Little Julian Herbert Folke was admitted to the Christian community and not an eye was dry. For a royal party is special and after this pandemic, when even the royal family has had to quarantine, we need these bright spots,” he wrote. Johan T.

The baptism was held on Saturday, and the next day a summary was broadcast on SVT. According to MMS, about 736,000 people watched the broadcast, a figure that calls for reflection. For it is larger than the number who watched Princess Adrienne’s baptism (598,000) in 2018, but also significantly smaller than the one that applied to Princess Estelle’s baptism (1.2 million).

For the royal family, it is of course important that as many Swedes as possible sit down when important royal events are televised. As our reporter and editor Ellen Myrgård Lindén explains:

– That the royal family grows, and gets more members, strengthens the monarchy. Engagements, weddings and infant baptisms are milestones in life that everyone can recognize themselves in and seeing royalty in such contexts creates recognition. Our research also shows that the royalties that are widely seen in public are increasing in popularity. Therefore, it is of course incredibly important for the court that as many as possible follow the royal family when they appear on television, as now during Prince Julian’s baptism.

This was the first time since the Crown Princess’ baptism in 1977 that SVT chose not to broadcast the ceremony live from the church. At first, they had actually decided not to broadcast the baptism at all – but the channel changed after communication with the court.

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