Sad message to the viewers – Nyhetsmorgon is being removed from TV4

Sad message to the viewers - Nyhetsmorgon is being removed from TV4

Now TV4 suddenly changes everything!

Soraya Lavasani on the future of Nyhetsmorgon

After the commercial: Soraya Lavasani on the future of Nyhetsmorgon


Turn on sound

It was in October that TV4 brought fantastic news to all Nyhetsmorgon lovers – namely that the program would be extended by a full two hours!

As of October 10, Nyhetsmorgon has therefore been broadcast from 05.45 to 12.00 every weekday. So fun!

Here, the presenter gets off completely – following the guest’s move on air

This has also led to setting up the broadcasts a little differently, with a kind of shift, where two presenters hold the first four hours of the program – and then hand over the baton to two new ones, who control the last two hours.

In addition, two new presenters have joined the gang – namely the super professionals Thomas Ritter, 46, and Rania Shemoun Olsson, 47!

Sad news about Nyhetsmorgon – being removed from TV4

The response to the change to the program has been very positive. The viewers are of course overjoyed because they now get a total of 10 more hours of News morning every week!

But now there is sad news for everyone who loves the program – when it disappears from TV4 on Wednesday.

From 10.40 a.m., Wednesday’s broadcast of Nyhetsmorgon will move to Juan.

News morning has been broadcast on TV4 for 30 years!

Photo: Viktor Johansson/Aftonbladet/TT

The reason?

TV4 will instead broadcast the World Cup from 10.50 on Wednesday. Specifically, the match between Morocco and Croatia.

So the viewers who want to follow the entire Nyhetsmorgon broadcast can simply change the channel just before 11 o’clock on Wednesday!

In fact, Nyhetsmorgon is not the only TV4 program affected by football. Even After Five and Bingolotto will disappear from the channel on some occasions during November and December.

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