Sad truth: Little-Bab’s last wish stopped

Barbro "Little Babs" Svensson

Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson never got her last wish granted. Here is the sad truth.

Here are Lill-Bab’s daughters – and all the grandchildren

After the commercial: Here are Lill-Bab’s daughters – and all the grandchildren


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Over four years have passed since Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson fell asleep in the suites of cancer in 2018.

She received the sick note only a month earlier and after that she quickly got worse.

Before Barbro became ill, she had big plans. Plans that were never fulfilled.

Barbro’s last time – the wish that was never fulfilled

Recently, Barbro’s daughters Monica, Malin and Kristin watched by their mother’s side every day.

To remind Barbro of her incredible career, they put up pictures from her concerts on the hospital walls.

Something their mother seems to have appreciated:

– Last week when we were at the nursing home, we hadn’t put up that picture, and at one point she woke up and then she looks at the wall and points, Kristin said when she visited Carina Bergfeldt.

Sad discoveries four years after Lill-Bab’s death – cause the daughter to break down

It is no wonder that Barbro was touched by the pictures. Before she got sick, she had big plans:

She, Siw Malmkvist and Ann-Louise Hanson were to go on a folk park tour.

Barbro, Siw and Ann-Louise have been friends for many years and have performed a lot together.

In the fall of 2017, the trio had embarked on the “183 years together” tour. But the subsequent summer tour did not go as planned:

By then, Barbro had already passed away.

Siw Malmkvist, Ann-Louise Hansson and Barbro "Little Babs" Svensson

Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson didn’t get the chance to tour with her friends again.

The friends’ decision – for Lill-Bab’s sake

At first, Siw and Ann-Louise thought of canceling the tour but finally decided to carry it out anyway.

This is what Barbo would have wanted:

– The reason we’re doing the show is because Barbro was shocked when she was told there wouldn’t be anything, Siw told The evening paper then.

– “Whoops”, we thought. Then we better do it then. But that will be another show. It can’t be the same.

At Barbro’s memorial service in Storkyrkan in Stockholm, both Siw and Ann-Louise sang for their beloved friend.

Photo: TT

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