Said Palao is suspended from “This is war” for pushing a member of the production

After twelve programs of the grand finale of “This is war”, the participant Said Palao He was suspended from the youth reality show for disrespecting a member of the production.

It turns out that Said did not tolerate that the judge of a competition charged him a foul and the fighter pushed him in the middle of the live program.

Faced with this aggression, ‘The Court’ asked for the floor to suspend Alejandra Baigorria’s boyfriend: “Mr. Said Palao is suspended today. I don’t want anyone to talk because I’m not going to listen to anyone. The images are clear ”.

“If you don’t know how to respect the judges, this is over. I don’t want to listen to anyone, I want the microphones completely turned off ”, added.

Said put up no resistance and left the television set without saying a word. The driver Gian Piero Díaz wanted to defend the model, but ‘The Court’ did not accept any apology.

“Whatever it is, nothing justifies that reaction. The judge scores, the game ends and he (for Said Palao) can speak ”, sentenced.

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