Sailor Moon becomes Japan’s new viral sensation for this egg sandwich

There are a couple of complete generations that, if they grew up between the last decade of the 20th century and the first of the 21st century, it is almost impossible that they have not lived with two fundamental animes of our sentimental education: Dragon Ball and sailor Moon.

The productions were originally born under the umbrella of Toei Animation in the 1980s in Japan, but it took a long time to arrive on this side of the planet, particularly in Latin America.

But once both animations began to be broadcast on free-to-air television, they almost automatically became a beloved classic of those generations.

Thanks to this Sailor Moon has lived a relatively long period of popularity, where to this day we continue to see new anime productions and a constant flow of products around this franchise.

But what we never expected is that the Sailor Scouts would take on a new period of viral fame thanks to a seemingly unrelated product: an egg sandwich.

Sailor Moon and her festive sandwich in Japan

What happens, as reported by our colleagues at Sora News 24a new craze and frenzy has arisen in Japan to try a new egg sandwich starring none other than Sailor Moon.

Fall is the traditional season for parties tsukimi, or moon watching, in Japan. But the word tsukimi can also refer to adding a fried or boiled egg to a dish (because of the way the egg resembles a full moon).

That is why in this period fast food franchise restaurants in Japan offer seasonal products alluding to the Moon, and if they have an egg on top, then much better for business.

KFC Japan has perhaps mastered the tuskimi holiday game best, with its Japanese-style chicken katsu tsukimi sandwich, while McDonald’s Japan is serving up a sukiyaki tsukimi burger.

But the friends of Mos Burger they had the brilliant idea to raise the game level by summoning the ultimate representative of the Moon in their new egg sandwich: Sailor Moon.

The sandwich Tsukimi Focaccia de Mos Burger would be, in its strictest sense, a sausage sandwich, since, according to its own description, inside the bun is a “crescent moon sausage” seasoned with hickory barbecue sauce and accompanied by shredded cabbage and a soft boiled egg.

But the detail of integrating Sailor Moon in their advertising campaign has been much more robust than expected, since they not only integrate the character in the promotion of the sandwich. In the promotional video for TV we even hear voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her role.

Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved manga and anime franchises in Japan.  But we never expected this new air of fame for an egg sandwich.

The biggest funny point is that he alters his classic line “I will punish you in the name of the Moon” to “In the name of moon watching, it’s delicious! A crescent-shaped sausage meets a melted egg. It’s a moonlight romance!”

Too complicated but the wink is still funny.

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