Sailor Moon becomes more real than ever thanks to this brutal cosplay by Melissa Lissova

When we talk about manga and anime series that made history to become legendary at the end of the 20th century, without a doubt, the greatest references are Dragon Ball and sailor Moon.

Both franchises produced a huge impact at the time, both inside and outside of Japan. And to this day they survive with multiple recent productions that bring this story closer to new generations.

Thanks to this, both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball have a wide fan base with all age ranges, including relatively young people who were definitely not even born at the time of the original premiere of both sagas.

This factor has led to a curious phenomenon in the cosplay community, where we see girls born in the 21st century paying tribute to anime that are much bigger than they are.

Something like this is what happens with the session that we share with you today and the results of this work are impressive.

Melissa Lissova brings Sailor Moon to life in a unique way

In the world of cosplay there is a wide variety of stars. From celebrities from other fields, such as paris hilton or rosaliawho occasionally dabble in this field to burst their social networks and go viral.

Even other artists whose only career focuses precisely on the art of interpreting manga and anime characters with meticulous care in emulating the most distinctive details of the central object of the tribute.

That is exactly the case with Melissa Lissova, also known as Foxy cosplayer Lissa-chan, a personality with spectacular cosplay sessions and who in one of her most recent works has decided to recreate Sailor Moon:

As we can see, Melissa is not an artist who shares the entire cosplay session in a single post.

So that since June 2022, each portrait of this tribute to Sailor Moon has been released very spaced from each other.

The truth is that the wait has been worth it, since the attention to detail has been admirable and thanks to this he has achieved one of the best cosplay sessions around this character that we can remember so far this year.

The Sailor Moon franchise has been circulating in the world for more than 30 years, all the product of an innocent and original idea by the mangaka Naoko Takeuchi.

Usagi Tsukino, or Serene Tsukino, as we know her in Latin America, is already a permanent fixture of Western popular culture. This cosplay also proves it to us.

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