Saint-Cloud: a college student tries to commit suicide, denouncing harassment from a teacher

The 13-year-old boy filed a complaint. Investigations are underway, both on the side of the rectorate of Versailles and that of the parquet floor of Nanterre.

The rectorate of Versailles says it takes the matter very seriously. On June 7, a 13-year-old student attending a private Catholic college in Saint-Cloud tried to throw himself out of the window in class. He will then explain that he did so because of repeated verbal abuse from a mathematics teacher against him, learns from concordant sources, confirming information from France info.

On June 7, the student was expelled from class by the teacher in question, judging him too dissipated. When he returns to the classroom to collect his belongings, at the end of the lesson, the teacher insults him again in violent terms, says, at the microphone of our colleagues, the teenager’s mother.

“The insults resumed from this teacher, with very humiliating remarks: ‘insane’, ‘idiot’…”, she relates.

“The teacher did not react”

The young boy then tries to get out of the window, but is prevented by the intervention of two of his comrades and a teacher. “All this time, the teacher was in the class and did not react,” continues the mother of the schoolboy, who is now considering enrolling her son in a public college.

It is by discovering messages exchanged on a conversation of parents of students that the mother of the teenager became aware of what had happened in class. For its part, report our colleagues from Franceinfo, the college only received it the next day in order to discuss the facts.

Alerted, the rectorate opened an investigation against this professor and initiated disciplinary proceedings, confirms the Academy of Versailles to But the college in question being private, under contract, the academic diocese on which it depends also has a big role to play in decision-making, specifies the same source.

An ongoing judicial investigation

According to the mother of the schoolboy, this type of behavior seemed systematic coming from the teacher. “Every day, when he came home, [mon fils] told me ‘it’s gone in all directions, the teacher got carried away again, he got angry'”, she says.

A testimony reinforced by a previous report targeting the same teacher: according to our colleagues, at the end of March, the family of another student contacted the Academy of Versailles to report repeated exclusions and insults from him.

Contacted, the Nanterre prosecutor’s office also confirms that the child, accompanied by his mother, filed a complaint two days after the incident, triggering the opening by the courts of an investigation for acts of harassment. This was entrusted to the Hauts-de-Seine Territorial Security.

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