Saint-Etienne: a man in police custody after the kidnapping of a 6-month-old girl by her parents

Abducted from the CHU of Saint-Etienne, the child had still not been found on Saturday at the start of the evening. She is placed in a temporary placement with Child Welfare.

A man was arrested and placed in police custody on Saturday in Saint-Etienne the day after his parents kidnapped a six-month-old girl, entrusted to child welfare, said a source close to investigation.

According to the latter, it would be a close relation of the couple. On Friday, other members of the parents’ entourage had also been heard, some of them under police custody, then released.

Abducted from the CHU of Saint-Etienne, the child had still not been found on Saturday at the start of the evening, the police told AFP, who had momentarily located his parents’ vehicle a few hours earlier.

A police operation launched on Saturday

Saturday, a police operation was launched on the national territory to find the girl, according to the parquet floor of Saint-Etienne. The abduction alert was not triggered because the prosecution considered that the criteria, in particular that of endangering the child, “were not met”.

The girl, presented as a very premature baby, was in care on a respirator when she was abducted, late Friday afternoon, from the pediatric department of the North Hospital of Saint-Etienne by her parents of foreign origin, who deceived the vigilance of the staff of the establishment, according to the same source.

“An order prohibiting the child from leaving the territory has been taken,” the deputy public prosecutor of Saint-Etienne, André Merle, told AFP.

He entrusted the departmental security of the Loire with a preliminary investigation for “subtraction of a child from the authority to which he was entrusted”.

“This little girl is the subject of a temporary placement by a children’s judge with the Children’s Social Aid because of educational deficiencies identified in her family”, it was further explained, adding that the ‘ASE herself entrusted her to the hospital in view of her state of health.

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