Salesforce knows what customers want to shop for

Salesforce describes its new Customer Data Platform (CDP) as a genius, which is intended to bundle all of a customer’s information and make it available to other applications. Above all, this should happen in real time – regardless of whether it is asynchronously updated data or continuous data streams.

In addition to information from Customer 360, Salesforce also provides connections to legacy applications and proprietary data repositories. Genie prepares all this data in a uniform manner and makes it available in Customer 360 or Slack and internal company applications.

In addition, the AI ‚Äč‚ÄčEinstein should be able to make better predictions about the customer based on the Genie data. And the process automation flow can also process this information.

Salesforce does not skimp on superlatives in the announcement: The announcement states that Genie is the most important innovation of all time for the platform. After all, companies would use 976 different applications on average – and companies would now have to break through these data silos with potentially 976 versions of a customer with the new Customer Data Platform.

Specifically, salespeople should use their CRM as usual. However, with Genie, salespeople now have automatically and intelligently generated information about the customer in real time. This applies to employees in conversation as well as to messages and web shops adapted across different channels. Salesforce says 71 percent of consumers would expect such personalization for any interaction with a company.

Genie is now generally available. More information can be found in the mind of the CDP.

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