Salt and Sacrifice: That’s why the indie game is suddenly extremely expensive in some countries

Fans of the 2D Soulslike Salt and Sanctuary were able to find out about the release of the long-awaited successor last week Salt and Sacrifice be happy. The two-person Canadian studio Ska Studios published the game for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store and for PS4 and PS5. For the latter versions, the dog is buried in the salt, as the price of the title on PlayStation Store has skyrocketed in some countries.

Salt and Sacrifice literally demands more sacrifices

In some countries the price of Salt and Sacrifice significantly increased on the PlayStation Store of the PS4 and PS5 after the title was officially released on the Epic Games Store. The price of the game was adjusted without taking into account the economic situation in the respective country. Players who didn’t pre-order the title when the price was lower are left out and have to pay more depending on the region.

According to Ska Studios, it’s because the prices on the Epic Games Store “were much lower than Sony”. Sony caught up, so Salt and Sacrifice now costs the same (or less) on the PSN Store as it does on the Epic Game Store across all regions. In some countries, the game was previously significantly cheaper than on PS4 and PS5 than in the Epic Games Store.

In Brazil, for example, the price increased by 276 percent, from 37.99 reais to 104.90 reais. The price of the game also increased in Canada: from 21.99 Canadian dollars to 26.99 Canadian dollars. In Turkey, there was an increase from 33 Turkish Lira for pre-order to 153 Turkish Lira after the release. India is also affected, where the price rose from 450 to 1331 Indian rupees.

In fact, these changes did not turn out badly for all countries. In the UK, the price of the game has dropped from £15.99 to £12.99. In Germany, the title costs 15.99 euros.

Developer Shane Lynch posted a statement on his Discord server regarding the Salt and Sacrifice price changes: “Some prices on EGS were originally much lower than Sony’s and we are committed to aligning prices across all platforms. I can’t control country-by-country prices on Sony, so some had to go up or down. Sorry.”

Source: Eurogamer

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