Saltillo: 7-year-old girl and her grandmother run over; truck took them when driving against

Mrs. Irma, 60, was reported to be in a delicate state, so paramedics from the Saltillo Red Cross urgently transferred her to the University Hospital

A woman is in delicate condition and her granddaughter injuredafter being run over this Friday morning in Fernando Proal and Squadron in the Antonio Cárdenas neighborhood, firefighters and police personnel Red Cross They took those affected to the hospital.

Around of the The accident was reported at 7:45 a.m. where the municipal transit authorities were mobilized as well as the emergency bodies, who arrived in a few minutes.



On the spot he treated Irma Izquierdo Espinosa, around 60 years oldwho was accompanied by his granddaughter Valentina, age 7They were both hit by a truck.

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As responsible for the accident, it was pointed out Jose de Jesus Nava, 34, who led the Ford Ranger truck and attempted to pass in the oncoming lane, claiming not to have seen them.

Valentina and Irma were beaten with the right angle of the truck, both fell to the ground, it was Irma who suffered several injuries such as a fracture in her left arm and a strong blow to the head; Valentina also suffered some blows.


$! Mrs. Irma was transferred by Red Cross paramedics.

Mrs. Irma was transferred by Red Cross paramedics.

Paramedics focused on treating the 60-year-old woman, who although aware had difficulty breathing therefore, priority was given to attend to her and transfer her by ambulance to the facilities of the University Hospital.

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The minor was taken away by firefighters, while Personnel from the Municipal Traffic Police proceeded to arrest the driver. who was brought before the Public Ministry while waiting for the medical opinion.


The accident was reported to the competent authority and the employer and the insurer were called to take responsibility for the medical expenses.

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